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The Best Nomad Networking Events & Conferences Around the World in 2024

As the nomad lifestyle gains popularity, there’s an array of Digital nomad events, nomad fests, conferences, Networking events, workations, and coliving retreats and more popping up all over the place. They come in all shapes and sizes with different themes and styles. But they all have one thing in common: the aim of bringing together remote workers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers and other location-independent people to connect, learn and (hopefully) have a good time. 

Trouble is, with so many popping up and the Facebook groups being covered with posts of people selling their colivings and retreats, how can we know which ones are worth attending and which one’s are right for us? 

Well, we don’t know that for sure as everyone is different, but we do know of some really cool nomad & entrepreneur events which are definitely worth attending if you are in the right part of the world. Each one is in a unique location and with an interesting twist, you’re sure to meet other cool people, learn interesting stuff and have a good time all around.

So here they are (in date order): 

1. Bansko Nomad Fest - Bansko, Bulgaria (June 23rd - 30th)

But isn’t Bansko a ski town? Yes, it is. Well, it is in the winter when there is some snow… But for part of the summer, this beautiful mountain town is taken over by digital nomads. Partly because of the cheap rent (ski towns can’t charge much money when there’s no snow) and partly because the world’s largest gathering of digital nomads happens there every year in June. 

Bansko Nomad Fest is a week-long celebration of the remote lifestyle featuring keynote speakers, workshops, un-conference sessions, and numerous activities such as hiking, yoga, and hot-spring pool parties. 

This event has A LOT of stuff going on so if you like to be able to mingle with lots of people and choose between lots of different talks and workshops, then this is for you. This year they expect over 500 participants with 60+ speakers

The sheer scale and amount of stuff going on makes Bansko unique enough but when you remember that all this is surrounded by a picturesque mountain landscape, it makes it even more special.  AND it’s not even cold enough to need a jacket in July. That’s our sort of ski town. 

We are heading there this June and if you want to join us, tickets are now available for €330  on their website and you can save 10% if you use the discount code DNA_bnf24 . Pack your hiking boots and get ready for some serious nomadic networking! For more details, visit Bansko Nomad Fest​ 

2. Bosnia Nomad Fest - Bjelasnica, Bosnia (July 21st - 28th)

Ever heard of a nomad fest in Bosnia & Herzegovina? Well now you have. Bosnia Nomad Fest in Bjelasnica will offer key notes from top speakers, cultural immersion, pitches, networking, trips and more. Take part in professional workshops, outdoor activities like hiking and explore the beautiful Bosnian landscape. It’s an ideal retreat for those looking to balance work and adventure. For more information, visit Bosnia Workation.

Bosnia Nomad Fest

3. Beach Meets by DNA - Koh Phangan, Thailand (23rd - 27th August & 13th - 17th December)

Picture this: you’re sipping a cocktail on a pristine beach in Thailand, surrounded by fellow digital nomads who are as passionate about life and business as you are. DNA’s Beach Meets, non-conferences take place on the tropical island paradise and upcoming digital nomad hub of Koh Phangan in Thailand and are the perfect blend of networking, learning and fun. 

They are designed to encourage deep connection and inspiration in a casual and relaxed setting. They feature keynotes & workshops, from a range of experts, and cool activities like Muay Thai, Yoga, and even ice baths.

On top of this there are lots networking and social events because we know this is where the real connections are made and the real magic happens. We even throw in a boat trip round the island for a full day of networking, breathtaking views and fun in the sun. 

The first Beach Meets event in April was an amazing event which brought together 45 nomads from 17 countries and inspired 1tons of new friendships, business ideas and collaborations. The number of people was perfect for connection and networking with enough to make it a varied group but not too many to make it impossible to connect with everyone over the 5 days. 

After the event, about half of the attendees stayed on in Phangan for a few weeks so they must have had a good time!

Our next Beach Meets events will be held in August & December (2024), and if you like cool people, interesting discussions, unrivalled natural beauty and all-around good times in a warm climate then you should be there. 

Early Bird tickets start at $250 and are available now so get yours before they go up. For more details, visit DNA Beach Meets.

4. Nis Nomad Weekend (9th - 12th August)

Build your niche in Niš, Serbia at the Niš Nomad Weekend, August 9-12, 2024. A multi day event put together to introduce and integrate digital nomads into Niš’s digital community.

The event Includes a two day conference featuring speakers from all over the world, and also some of Niš’s finest entrepreneurs.

In partnership with Visit Niš we are also offering curated tourism experiences for our guests, to explore not only the rich history of Serbia’s oldest major city but also the South Serbian region.

Alongside all of this we have various networking nights / parties organized by various coworkings in Niš, to make sure you have the right welcome and integration.

The best part? This is a big welcome organized just for you. So it’s all free. You just need to make sure you signup and commit to coming. Spots are limited so make sure you don’t miss out!

Check it out here 

5. Nomad Eire - Donegal, Ireland (August 28th - September 1st)

Ever wanted to mix professional development with the rugged beauty of the Irish coast? Nomad Eire offers workshops, networking opportunities, and outdoor activities like hiking along the scenic cliffs. With all sessions designed to elevate your skillset and propel your career forward, it’s the perfect setting to get inspired and make lasting connections.

Network with like-minded professionals and establish valuable connections within the remote work landscape.  Ireland’s breathtaking scenery provides the perfect backdrop for professional development and personal exploration. 

Tickets start at €200. Check out Nomad Eire for more details.

2 attendees of the digital nomad event

6. Swiss Nomad Fest - Switzerland (8th - 15th September)

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps, Swiss Nomad Fest offers a blend of professional development sessions, outdoor activities, and networking opportunities. This event is perfect for those who love the mountains and want to combine work with breath-taking views. Plus, we all know Swiss chocolate is the best in the world so this is as good excuse as any to stock up!!

Early bird tickets are priced at CHF 180, and you can get a further 10% off using the code DNASWISSNOMADFEST10
For more information, check out their website here

7. Nomad Cruise - Vancouver to Tokyo (September 29th - October 13th)

Nomad Cruise is not just any conference — it’s a floating one and its one of the coolest conferences I have been to in a long time. I joined the last cruise from Tenerife to Brazil which lasted 12 days and was aboard the Costa Diadema. 

I was never even remotely interested in cruises before I heard about this one, and I do feel guilty for doing a cruise from an environmental perspective but holy ship, it was an experience…

The liner was super luxurious with about 12 bars and 10 restaurants, a 2000m2 spa, theatre, 2 or 3 swimming pools, a casino, a night club and too many hot tubs to count. There were loooads of keynote sessions, workshops and un-conference sessions plus a few parties and lots of networking. 

I must admit, it was a full-on 10 days and in addition to the 400 or so nomads on the boat, there was probably another 1000+ passengers heading to Brazil from Europe. We didn’t really mix too much with the other cruise guests as the schedule for the Nomad Cruise people was packed enough and everyone was so busy making connections with other nomads that it would have been impossible to do many of the cruise’s public activities. 

In the end, the number of attendees was sort of the only downside as you want to meet as many people as possible but at the same time, it’s hard to form deep connections when you’re trying to socialise with so many people at once. The talks and unconference sessions are so wide and varied that nobody attempts to attend all of them but almost everyone should be able to find plenty that interest them. 

The next Nomad Cruise set sail from Vancouver to Tokyo in December and looks like it will be just as cool if not better than the last one! So if you think the idea of networking, learning and living it up on a luxurious ship sounds like fun. You should definitely consider joining. We will be!

For more info and to join us you can check them out here and you can even get a 10% discount if you use code digitalnomadadv  😉

Check out their website for more info on the next cruise NC13!

8. Colive Fukuoka - Fukuoka, Japan (October)

For those craving a deeper cultural immersion, Colive Fukuoka is a month-long event in Japan that combines co-living with professional collaboration. It’s perfect for nomads looking to experience Japanese culture while working alongside other professionals.

If you can’t make it for the whole month, the main week is from 21st – 27th October and will be packed full of cool and insightful talks, workshops, networking events and more. You might even see some of the DNA fam there 😉

Tickets start at $300. For more information and registration, visit Colive Fukuoka.

9. Nomads in Paradise - Siargao, Philippines (November 10th - 17th)

Siargao is famous for its surfing culture and stunning landscapes. It’s a super cool and beautiful island that we like to visit whenever we can.

Nomads in Paradise is put together by the same guys from Nomad Workation Retreats who we know very well and are awesome people.

This event offers a week of professional development sessions, creative workshops, and cool activities.

Whether you’re hitting the waves or networking by the beach, this event promises a perfect blend of work and play. We love Siargao so the chances are you will see us there too 🙂 

Tickets are currently priced at 9500php but will go up by 1k each month from now until they reach the final price of 14,999php so get yours before they go up. You can also get a sweet discount of 30% if you use our discount code DNA30 🙂

For more details, visit Nomads in Paradise. See you there.

Nomads in Paradise banner with logo and dates

10. More Ideas For Thailand / Koh Phangan

Nomad Adventure Retreats and Island Passes

Because Koh Phangan, Thailand is one of our favourite places in the world and is quickly becoming a hub for digital nomads who are over places like Bali and Chiang Mai. We wanted to share two other cool things that can help you make the most of your time on the island and even the journey there!!

Our nomad island passes allow you to jump straight into the community on the island, stay active, productive and connected without having to research or spend time looking around for the right places and people. From one day co working pass to one month community, co-working and co-living passes.

Our Nomad Adventure Retreats are a different thing entirely and not like anything currently out there. They are a cross between an adventure tour and a personal development retreat. AND they perfect way to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan whilst forming deep relationships with other nomads. (and having the absolute best time imaginable).

If you want to meet people, level up and get your mind in the right place for success whilst exploring South Thailand and finishing in Koh Phangan then this is for you. Click here to find out more. 

digital nomads networking and coworking in thailand with wifi. coworking spaces thailand

Which Nomad Events Are We Attending?

Starting in June in just one week we will be heading to Bansko to catch up with lots of our nomadic and entrepreneurial friends in the mountains. Then we are back to Phangan for DNA’s Beach Meets event in August, followed by Nomad Cruise in September.

This conveniently ends in Japan so we’ll be hitting up Fukuoka before hopping over to Siargao for Nomads In Paradise and then finally back to Phangan for the final Beach Meets of the year! 

Of course if you join one of our Nomad Adventure Retreats or our community in Phangan with one of our passes then we will see you there too!

Digital nomad working from a hammock in thailand

Embrace the Experience

So theres our summary of the coolest networking events for digital nomads happening in the last half of 2024. Whether you’re looking for a beach escape, a mountain retreat, or cultural immersion, there’s an event for you.

Secure your tickets early and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will help you grow your network, and level up your life!

For more information and booking, visit the respective event websites linked above.

Have more questions about nomad life in Koh Phangan, Thailand?

Get in touch with us using the buttons below!

Safe travels and happy networking!

Team DNA 🙂

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