Who are our

Adventures For?

We offer a wide range of Nomad Adventures, running monthly to different destinations around the world.

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads and wanting a change of scenery, a fresh perspective, and to meet other nomads while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime with absolutely no organising required!

Aspiring Nomads

We think the best way to learn is by doing! Learn from others who are already living it, join our community and get support from us and our partners. Start living the life you dream of today!

Founders & Executives

Travel is improves creativity and motivation. Surrounding yourself with driven and high-achieving people is another way to get ahead. Take the next leap in your business with us!

Remote Teams

We recognise the unique dynamics of remote teams, often comprised of individuals who’ve seldom met face-to-face. Our programmes bridge this physical gap through group adventures.

Wanting to Level Up?

Our DNA Level Up Programs hold interesting topics to discuss throughout the trip and get you closer to your goals by focusing on some of the key principles of happiness and success.

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