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Join us on the adventure of a lifetime travelling through locations with incredible natural beauty and making deep connections with like minded nomads! 

2024 Upcoming Tours


10th Jan

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Living The Dream With Rin 


17th Feb

7 Day Thailand Extreme Retreat: Kite Surf & Co-Work in Koh Phangan


27th Mar

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Living The Dream With Daisy


5th Apr

5 Day Thailand Beach Meets: Nomad Non-Conference


No Tours


21st June

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint


5th July

7-10 Day Extreme Retreat: Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

5th July

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

19th July

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint


21st Aug

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint


1st Sept

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

21st Sept

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint


2nd Oct

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

24th Oct

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure:Success Blueprint


5th Nov

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

22nd Nov

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint


5th Dec

9 Day Thailand Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

6th Dec

11 Day Bali Nomad Adventure: Success Blueprint

What is a Nomad Adventure?

Firstly, it is NOT a retreat or co-living or co-working. This is a travel experience like no other.

Experience new places, people and cultures. Create lifelong bonds with likeminded nomads and enjoy the trip of a lifetime in paradise.

Think the the most epic travel experience you can imagine, combined with the best networking event you’ve ever been to, with a hint of personal development to get your mind wired for success. (without any cheesy stuff or forced fun). 

When the trip is over you’ll be in a nomad hotspot with a bunch of new friends and allies. So wether you decide to stay in the same spot for a bit or to keep traveling, you’ll have people to share the experience and work with.

Warning: These trips and the people you meet will change your life.

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Experience multiple sides of this amazing country in 9 days. Bustling Bangkok, Peaceful Khao Sok, Paradise Bottle Beach and finish in the nomad hotpot of Koh Phangan – Possibly the best place in the world to live as a digital nomad or entrepreneur (we think so anyway). 

Temples, boat trips, floating bungalows, beach days, nightlife, group workouts, group meals, muay thai, yoga, ice baths, beach clubs and nature hikes.

Nine days of adventure, new friends & new experiences in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

Stay on with us in Phangan for as long as you like afterwards. We’ll even help you get settled and introduce you to our friends 🙂 

thailand digital nomad adventure tour map of locations


Bali is another favourite of the nomad crowd for many reasons. Starting in Canggu, we’ll take an unforgettable 11 day tour of this magical island, experience Ubud and Noosa Penida before circling back to Canggu where all the nomads and cool kids hang out these days.

Temples, beach clubs, waterfalls, monkeys, view points, manta rays, beaches, boats, yoga, parties, dinners, sunsets, yoga, workouts & sunsets.

Eleven days of good times and growth on one of the coolest islands on the planet. 

bali digital nomad tour

What do I get if I join one?

Here is what's included:

8-10 x Nights of Accommodation in a shared twin room

Airport Shuttle Pickup

All Shuttles, Longboats & Ferries

A domestic flight with checked baggage

A Welcome Gift Pack

All Activities in the Trip Itinerary

All Group Talks & Mastermind Sessions

3 x Group Breakfasts

1 x Group Lunch

2 x Group Dinners

Here is what's NOT included:

X International flights to and from Destination

X Food and alcohol throughout the tour (except as noted)

X Visas and travel insurance

X Airport transfers after the tour ends

X Tips for Guide / Facilitator

digital nomad adventure, a full travel experience
travelling and exploring thailand on digital nomad tour
kayaking through rivers on nomad adventure


Travel Is What We Do.

We have been showing people the time of their lives in amazing destinations for over ten years so you can trust us when we say we run a great tour.

Our itineraries are carefully crafted so you can experience multiple sides of a country before ending in a digital nomad hotspot where you can stay on for as long as you like with your new travel fam.

We take care of absolutely everything so you can relax, have fun and get the most out of the experience.

Accommodation – We select a mix of amazing places to stay from boutique hotels to floating bungalows and beach front resorts.

Transport – You’ll travel by minibus, tuk tuk, boat, ferry and plane but wont have to organise a single thing

Good times – Group dinners, nights out, temples, boat trips, beach days, hikes, workouts and countless memories with new friends

A Networking Experience

Bringing People Together.​

Facilitating friendships is also something we think we are pretty good at. The best thing about travelling in a group is that you get to know people real quick, and often form lifelong bonds at light speed.

We keep the group sizes relatively small (8-18) so that you can really get to know each other.

You will be travelling with a curated group of people who meet our criteria of being kind, driven and positive. We speak to every applicant to make sure they are chilled, interesting and open minded to ensure the group dynamic is a positive one and that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Sharing hotels, group meals, bucket list activities, nights out, group discussions and workouts means we will become like family, and like family we will help each other to achieve our goals.

digital nomads sharing a beer
networking event on a beach
having beers at sunset
life changing experience in thailand being blessed by monk
digital nomads playing volleyball

A way to level up life

Transform Into The Best Version Of You.​

Our DNA Level Up Programs are designed to give us interesting topics to discuss throughout the trip and get us closer to our goals

Each trip will be joined by an awesome local tour guide AND an amazing facilitator who will deliver the level up program which consists of:

  • Group discussions
  • Presentations
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Daily Challenges & Exercises
  • Watching/Reading/Listening materials
  • Book Recommendations
  • Daily PDFs with an overview of the topic of the day

Our first program “The Success Blueprint” focuses on some of the key principles of happiness and success. Including:

  • Networking & communication
  • Happiness  & living in the present
  • Goal setting & visualisation
  • Manifestation: what is it?
  • Mindset & Success
  • Redefining mistakes & incremental improvements


Get the blood pumping​

We only grow when we are outside of our comfort zone. So, we make sure to throw in loads of fun, new and exciting activities to take us there.

  • Jungle Hikes
  • Ice Baths
  • Muay Thai Lessons
  • Snorkelling
  • Group workouts
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Viewpoint, Waterfall & Volcano Hikes
  • Boat Rides 
  • Water Sports
  • Loads more cool stuff
digital nomads doing muay thai
Speed Boat Thailand DNA
digital nomads on a boat
digital nomad community on a boat
digital nomad adventures on a work trip in siargao


Join us & leverage our people​

By taking one of our trips you become one of us. From the moment you book a trip we will be with you to help organise and plan everything. We’ll even pick you up from the airport when you arrive.

During the trip our group leaders and facilitators will take care of your every need and ensure you are having the time of your life.

After the trip you’ll be a part of the DNA fam and if you want to stay on in paradise destinations like Koh Phangan, we can help you get settled, find accommodation, and meet the nomad community.

You will also have access to discounted trips, exclusive events, our network of driven, passionate nomads as well as help & support from our team and network of experts. 

We will even hook you up with discounts on a range of courses and services provided by our friends & partners who can help you learn new skills, land the remote job of your dreams, or arrange proper nomad medical insurance and a range of other things needed by people like us. 

Have any questions? Get in touch!

Who Are Nomad Adventures For?​

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads and wanting a change of scenery, a fresh perspective, and to meet other nomads while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime with absolutely no organising required!

Aspiring Nomads

We think the best way to learn is by doing! Learn from others who are already living it, join our community and get support from us and our partners. Start living the life you dream of today!

Founders & Executives

Travel is improves creativity and motivation. Surrounding yourself with driven and high-achieving people is another way to get ahead. Take the next leap in your business with us!

Remote Teams

We recognise the unique dynamics of remote teams, often comprised of individuals who’ve seldom met face-to-face. Our programmes bridge this physical gap through group adventures.

Wanting to Level Up?

Our DNA Level Up Programs hold interesting topics to discuss throughout the trip and aim get you closer to your goals by focusing on key principles of happiness and success.

How To Book Your Nomad Adventure

Click on "Book Now"

Hit the “Book Now” button and select the departure dates for the trip that you’re interested in joining us on!

Fill Out Your Booking Form

We’ll need some details from you, which we will keep on hand to take care of all the trip planning and bookings!

Pay Your Deposit

We’ll send through a link to pay your deposit, then your spot is confirmed! Just pay the balance 60 days before the tour. 

Frequently asked questions

All your transport in country, all accommodation, loads of activities, some meals (check what’s included list), a group of new friends, a program of group growth sessions to help achieve your goals, a life changing travel experience like no other. 

International flights. You gotta get to the start destination yourself. Travel insurance. You 100% need this. 
Most food & drink. Make sure you budget enough to eat and drink at least. 

We keep group sizes relatively small in order to optimise the experience and make it more personal. You could be travelling with anywhere from 8 to 18 fellow nomads. 

A group of cool, like minded, free spirited entrepreneurs & remote professionals who also want to live the dream. We speak to every person to ensure their awesomeness and to make sure the trip is right for everyone on it.

This is primarily a group adventure tour with some team building, goal setting, masterminds and other group sessions built in. The sessions will not be long, intense or cheesy as they can be at some retreats. Co living/working are usually focused around one base destination with a few activities thrown in and lots of time to work. This trip covers several destinations and packs in loads of cool stuff to do in a relatively short period so you experience more and have the most fun possible!

Whilst we will try and make sure you have a couple of hours most days to get online and get stuff done. This is a travel experience so most of the time will be spent travelling, taking part in activities, or having fun with new friends. 

What you do after the trip is up to yo but if you dig the vibe in Koh Phangan or Canggu or any of our other destinations, we can help you get settled and integrated into the community of nomads. You can even book one of our Live, Work, Play flexible accommodation packages if you want to stay in a cool resort with co-working and stuff going on.

Just pick a country, pick a start date and get in touch with us. The first step is a discovery call with one of our founders so we can get to know each other a bit and make sure trip is right for you. 

After this we will send you a booking form and payment link so you can secure your spot.

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