We are a group of entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to connect people with the aim of helping each other achieve their goals and get closer to dream lifestyle. And have fun doing it, of course!

Our Mission

Empowering Nomads, Realising Dreams: Your Adventure, Our Mission

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Our story

Find out how DNA first started

Over a decade ago we decided that we wanted to live the dream of combining work and travel so, in our mid 20’s we started a tour company – TruTravels – which had one goal: to provide life changing group travel experiences that benefit all involved. 

Using experience gained from our own travel adventures, we wanted to show our customers the world and connect them with other people, places and experiences that most people just dream about. Now TruTravels offers tours over 4 continents and has shown thousands of happy travellers a glimpse of living the dream in one of many countries around the world.

Now we have been living the dream for over 10 years, we want to help others create their dream reality. And we want to meet others who are into business and travel. We think it’s everyone’s right to love their jobs and their lives. Life should not revolve around work, but work should allow everyone to live where and how they want to. 

So, we have teamed up with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs to make a range of adventures that help people expand their minds, networks, experiences.

They also happen to get them closer to their dream lifestyles whilst having an amazing time and making new friends.

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Co-Founder of TruTravels, Joe has been travelling and running businesses since he was 21. He counts himself very lucky to have been based on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan for 10 years.

Mark and Joe sold a chunk of TruTravels to G Adventures in 2018 and DNA is his next big passion project. Joe desires to share his experience and help others find the freedom to live and work when and where they want. He will be joining as a guest speaker on some of our trips.

mark pope

Mark Pope


The other Co-Founder of TruTravels. Mark and Joe met as backpackers in Sydney a looong time ago and have been business partners since.

Whilst he has extensive travel and business experience, Mark is the only non nomadic member of the team.

He currently lives in London with his wife and two young boys and runs TruTravels full time from the UK HQ in Kingston. 



Joe and Ryan backpacked together back in the day, and when Joe started Tru, Ryan was one of the first people he called in for help. Neither of them knew that Ryan would one day be running the entire operations.

Ryan has travelled the world extensively for over 10 years and has owned and managed several businesses from an Electrical Engineering company in the UK to hostels and resorts in Thailand. 



George is a baby faced digital marketing expert and digital nomad. He has been promoting and selling stuff since before he could walk and learning about online marketing since he could use a computer.

He loves to travel and network, and is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people you will meet! If you ask him really nicely then he might share with you some of his marketing secrets 😉 

Micayla (MICA) Dennis


Meet Mica, a passionate traveler, who has been traveling full time for almost 10 years! 

Mica strives to not only be a designer, but a digital storytellers inspired by the nomadic spirit – not just designing websites; but crafting digital experiences that aim to reflect the essence of DNAs vision while connecting with audiences worldwide.



Carmen McLeod, originally from Canada, is not only the founder of Friendly Frequencies, but also an enthusiastic globetrotter with a fervour for personal advancement and empowerment.

Right now Carmen is focusing on sales and customer services but is also due to help with designing and delivery of courses as well as facilitating groups linked to course materials.

Camila G. Marina

Digital Marketing

Our content-creating wizard from Argentina, with a good eye for Graphics. Camila has been travelling all over the world for 2 years and has no plans of stopping any time soon!

She oversees all of our social media strategies and is in control of our Instagram while building her own social media following, showcasing her digital nomad and traveling lifestyle.

Daisy travel diaries

Social M. Strategist 

An incredibly inspiring travel influencer. DNA connected with Daisy over Instagram as we fell in love with her authenticity and true-to-life depiction of the digital nomad lifestyle shown on her account!

After inviting her on our first Thailand tour, getting Daisy to join our marketing team was a no-brainer. She oversees our social media strategies, and is the one in charge of helping grow our global community of nomads.

Aley Drewitt


Aley, a digital nomad and ninja copywriter from the UK, combines a passion for literature with a thirst for adventure, creating captivating content while exploring the world.

She is responsible for most of our blog content, email marketing and website copy, a huge asset to our team!

Rich Jay


A free-spirited traveller from Australia with heaps of business and travel experience, Rich is part of our sales team and also facilitates many of our tours as a Level-Up coach.

Having spent many years exploring the world and working as a digital nomad, Rich is the perfect person to deliver our Success Blueprint, sharing his experiences in travel and business, and bringing to life the personal and professional development sessions that enhance your tour.

Seth Ward

Marketing Strategist 

Seth really got the travel bug back in 1999 when he first visited Thailand – including Koh Phangan for the New Year’s Eve millennium party – followed by an extended trip around Australia in an Old Ford Falcon.

Since then he’s been a nomad on and off for nearly 25 years and it’s fair to say he’s seen his fair share of Digital Nomad Adventures.

Now he’s joined DNA to help us spread the bug to others.

DNA values

What we believe

At Digital Nomad Adventures, there are four foundational beliefs that drive every endeavour:

Connection: One world, one people. We think borders are stupid, but as they still “exist” and we are blessed with passports that allow us to cross some of them borders, we should make the most of this and where possible use this advantage to better the lives of others who are less fortunate.

Compassion is the key to connection and when the whole world feels a connection wars, inequality and injustice will be unthinkable. 

Equality: We believe that all people deserve a chance to live the life of their dreams and that all are born equal. We believe in justice, compassion, unity, and using the power of travel and business to reduce the staggering equality gap which is one of (if not) the primary issues facing mankind today. 

Freedom: We believe in challenging the status quo. Like borders, the self enforced rules of society are just ways of keeping people in their place and justifying the equality gap that keeps those in power in power. We don’t think they are doing a good job so we want to help create a new way which benefits all of humankind and not just the 0.1%. The first step is to help people be free so they can escape the matrix and understand what is really important.

Growth: We believe that all people have the potential and the ability to become great. With a growth mindset anyone can learn to excel at anything that is physically possible. Through study, practice, perseverance, learning from mistakes and adapting our approach we can all achieve great things, reach our goals and create organisations, art, movements, and technologies that will change the world. 

Universal Kindness: To quote HH. Dalai Lama, “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.” And we couldn’t agree more.

And as the great Jimi Hendrix once said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” It’s this love and passion for digital nomadism and personal growth that fuels us.

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We put people and planet before profits

We believe that this is not just important, but absolutely vital for businesses to start putting people and planet above profits. The outdated business mantra of shareholder wealth above all else has done too much harm to our planet and our fellow people already.  

If we don’t all adopt a multi stake holder approach pretty damn soon, we might not have a planet left to do business on. Let alone one the next generation can continue to explore and enjoy.  

Global inequality and climate change are the two biggest issues facing mankind right now and all people and businesses should be doing whatever they can to address them. For all of our sakes. 

Besides that, it’s just nice to do good things and try and improve peoples lives. So, at DNA we have put doing good at the heart of our business. 

Some examples include:

  • Pledging 1% of our revenue to people & planet
  • Being Carbon negative: We measure how much CO2 each of our trips produce and we offset by planting trees and donating to regeneration and renewable energy projects.
  • Maximising the amount of money that stays with the communities we travel in (minimising tourism leakage).
  • Employing local guides and ops staff. 
  • Supporting good causes wherever we can
  • We look after our staff, suppliers and customers as well as we possibly can. 
  • Donating 10% of our annual profits to fight inequality
digital nomads sharing the same values of helping each other.
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