As well as connecting people and showing them an amazing time in dream locations, DNA is also about helping people get closer to their goals and dream lives. 

So YOU  CAN have an awesome holiday and level up at the same time! Without having to organise a thing. Just show up and have fun.


Networking on Steroids & Real Connections

Firstly, the fact that you will be travelling with and creating deep connections with other nomads and entrepreneurs at light speed means your network of close friends and business allies could make a quantum leap in just over a week. 

When we travel together we connect extremely quickly, and people who you connect with are likely to be friends and allies for a long time.  Which is why we love group adventure travel.

Recharge Whilst Boosting Creativity & Motivation

If we burn ourselves out then we aren’t going to sustain the lifestyle we want so we all need to take a break from time to time. Take a break from the bring and let us deal with the details. 

Travel and surrounding yourself with other driven people are proven ways to boost creativity & motivation so with us, you can level up while you take a holiday. 


Learn From People Who Have Done it 

The say you become like the people you spend time with. So spend time with people who are where you want to be. 

Our trips are joined by people at all stages of their nomad or entrepreneurial career. So you can spend time with and learn from people with a range of experience. No matter where you are yourself, you could always use a mastermind group of your own. 

Our Level Up Programs 

Another element that makes this experience different to other group adventure tours are our Level Up Programs.

Our first level up program: the Success Blueprint consists of some of the key principles of success and happiness that have worked for us over the years. 

As we travel, we discuss them and ways we can practically and logically apply them to our personal and professional lives.

Beach Meeting


We will soon be adding more Level Up programs focusing on different topics and skills in conjunction with the experts in our network. We will also be creating some courses can be taken online without the need to do a trip. These will be designed to help aspiring nomads get ready to take the leap. Register your interest here. 


The programs are run by one of our amazing facilitators alongside our awesome travel itinerary (which will be run by one of our equally amazing local tour guides).They are designed to give us interesting discussion points throughout the trip and help us level up whilst enjoying life.

All of the material is based on tried and tested ideas and principles of happiness and success that have worked for us and people we know. The course comprises a mixture of group discussions, reading materials,  mastermind sessions, listening materials (like our favourite ted talks), and further reading.

This is not just shit we have made up. It is based on ideas and teachings from our favourite thinkers, speakers and authors who specialise in self development, personal and professional growth.

Combining the power of these ideas with the power of group travel, and the energy and experience of a new group of friends and allies will be life changing in many ways. 

When we say life changing, we mean it. This trip will not only be one of the most fun experiences of your life, it will improve your creativity, focus, motivation, confidence and mindset.

Afterwards you will be many steps closer to creating and living your dream life, and you will already be in paradise with a group of new friends and allies. 


Success Blueprint Format

Each day you will receive a PDF detailing the topics of the day, key ideas and learning points. The PDF will contain links to daily listening materials, details of daily challenges & exercises, and will form the basis of our group sessions.

Day 6.7
partner with digital nomad adventures


Intentions & Networking​

We start off by welcoming the group, and discussing how we can get the most out of the experience.

We’ll talk about creating healthy habits, morning routines and the importance of good communication skills.

We’ll look into some tips and techniques which will help you create deeper bonds with people you meet and better relationships with people in your life. 

Then we’ll jump into some speed networking to get us off to a fun and flying start.

Once we’re done with the intros and short discussions we will get to know the other travellers on the tour a little better over dinner and a drink.



Success Blueprint Module 2

Happiness & Living in the Present Moment

We do not believe that happiness is the result of success but that SUCCESS is the result of HAPPINESS. It’s much harder to create your dream life if you are regretting the past or worrying about the future.

Connection and living in present are the keys to happiness which is why so many spiritual and thought leaders – from The Buddha to Eckhart Tolle – have talked about this topic for thousands of years.

We will teach you some tried and tested techniques to do this so you will have more of the knowledge and tools you need to be able to create your dream life and achieve your goals.

As well as the trip itself being one of the best ways to connect with others and live in the present, we’ll also explore the basics of meditation and introduce the universal formula for happiness and success.

Day 2.5
networking event on a beach
Day 7.7
amazing hike and view point on digital nomad adventure thailand day 8

Success Blueprint Module 3

Goals & Visualisation

What is the one thing that sets apart those that consistently succeed and those that don’t? Goals.

Simple but true, people that write down the shit that they want to achieve are way more likely to achieve it. All the studies agree on this.

Another universal truth is that we become what we think about, so it makes sense to try and visualise our dreams and focus on the goals that will allow us to get there.

Module 3 of Happiness Blueprint delves into some principles of visualisation and goal setting. Throughout the day we encourage you to think about what you want in life & and help each other craft the big ambition goals that will get you there.

If you already have a life vision and goals, we will discuss how can we make them bigger and get you closer to them.

Success Blueprint Module 4

Manifesting or Making a Plan?

Manifestation sounds sort of spiritual and many people think the word implies magicking something up with the power of your mind and positive thinking alone.

And in a way it is, but we think it’s more logical than that. You have to start with a goal in your mind of course. But the way you bring it about into reality is not by wishing, but by focusing on the outcome everyday and taking present moment action.

Today we look at how to break our big, ambitious goals down into stepping stones and a realistic plan to get to where you want to be. We’ll discuss some of the common misconceptions of manifestation & the law of attraction before diving into a mastermind session where we’ll help each other start to formulate our roadmap to happiness and success.

Day 6.9

Success Blueprint Module 5

Mindset: Positivity & Perception

A huge part of living a happy and successful life is our mindset and how we approach things. So during the trip we spend some time focusing on mindset and perception or framing.

Life happens to all of ue. We can’t always control what happens, but we can control how we react to things.

That’s why life is all about how we frame the situations we find ourselves in.

And that’s why two people can have exactly the same physical experience but come out of it with completely different outlook, lessons and emotional experience.

We will delve into the key principles of emotional intelligence, as well as some techniques which can help us stay positive during hard times.

Success Blueprint Module 6

Redifining Failure & Incremental Improvements

Another important element of success and high performance is how we react to set backs and failure. If we adopt the attitude that mistakes are important tools from which to learn and improve, instead of things to avoid at all costs, we can test multiple solutions and make improvements based on the results. 

“The faster we fail, the faster we learn.”

This module looks into some examples of people and companies that embody this approach which is the basis of the lean start up model where we test ideas before we committing huge amounts of time and effort to them. The world is too complex to get things completely right the first time. We must learn by making mistakes if we ever hope to improve. 

We also discuss the power of incremental improvements, the compound effect and testing with relation to high performance and success.

Day 5.3
Bali 17
Day 6.8

Success Blueprint Module 7

Growth Happens Outside Our Comfort Zones

Following on from yesterdays topic of reframing mistakes, it will be obvious why we need to push our limits and get outside our comfort zones if we want to grow. If we stay in our comfort zones because we don’t want to make mistakes then we will not improve.

“A mind stretched by experience can never return to its former dimensions.”

Today we get out of our comfort zone with an ice bath, learn some breathing techniques and discuss ways we can start to push our limits and accelerate our growth.

We may also have the opportunity to take part in some optional activities to push ourselves even further if conditions allow.

Success Blueprint Module 8

Next Steps: Present Moment, Effortless Action

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” 

So what will your first step be? You now have a clear set of goals, a plan to reach them, a growth mindset, and a mastermind group of driven and positive allies. 

The last part of the success formula is taking present moment, effortless action. So we help each other plan the next small steps we can take to keep the momentum up and set us on the path to success and our dream life!

Day 5.8

Who Are Nomad Adventures For?​

Existing Digital Nomads

Nomads and entrepreneurs wanting a change of scenery, a fresh perspective and to meet other nomads while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

Aspiring Digital Nomads

We think the best way to learn is by doing! Learn from others who are already living it, join our community and get support from us and our partners,.

Anyone Wanting To Level Up

Travel is proven to improve creativity and motivation. Surrounding yourself with other driven and high achieving people is another way to get ahead. 

How To Book Your Nomad Adventure

Apply & Book Discovery Call

Get in touch or send us an application to arrange a discovery call with one of our founders to see if we are the right fit for each other. 

Get Your Booking Link

When we’ve agreed we’ll be the perfect match, we will send you a booking link to collect some of your details we need for the adventure trip. 

Pay Your Deposit

We’ll send you a link to can pay your deposit. Once that’s done your place is confirmed! Just pay the remaining balance 60 days before your tour.

Ready to Take the leap?

Visit mind blowing destinations, grow your network, boost motivation, creativity and focus whist recharging your batteries, optimising your mindset and enjoying life to the max in paradise. 

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