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Bali: The Ultimate Haven for Travellers , But What Country Is It In?

You’ve probably all heard of Bali, right? Yep, but what country is Bali in? Is it close to other countries and what is the lifestyle and culture like?

All very valid questions that I’m happily going to be walking through with you in this in-depth guide to Bali, the country that Bali is in and why it’s the next haven for digital nomads, remote workers, expats and travellers. 

Sneak peek: Bali is located in South East Asia and this island has beautiful weather, wonderful surfing spots and fantastic tourism from all around the world. Ranging from digital nomads, expats and frequent travellers, Bali is the spot for everyone. 

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Ok, so I don’t want to keep you on your toes anymore, you’re probably thinking “I just want to know which country Bali is located in” so here’s the answer for you… 

What country is Bali in??  👇👇👇

Bali Is An Island Located In The Country Called Indonesia

That’s right. Bali is located in a country called The Republic of Indonesia, or (more colloquially) Indonesia. A simple answer to the question, ‘what country is Bali in?’

Now, Indonesia is made up of 18,307 different islands, of which Bali is one of them. It’s home to over 700 different dialects and languages but mostly all of them will understand Indonesian. 

Bali is a small island located on the east side of Java, which is the 5th largest island in Indonesia. Lombok is another island very close by, and Bali sits just west of this beautiful island. 

Indonesia is located north of Australia & Papua New Guinea and is surrounded by countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. Again, it’s in South East Asia so it’s no surprise these countries are close. 

Indonesia is located in South East Asia

To cover my point more, Indonesia as a country can be found inside South East Asia. Already, as we all probably know, South East Asia is a huge tourist spot for nomads, backpackers and holidaymakers. 

This is down to its beautiful beaches, affordable lifestyle, amazing sunny weather and welcoming culture. Bali is no different, it’s a part of South East Asia and shares the same values, culture and lifestyle but with a bit of its own unique Bali twist. 

Indonesia is made up of many islands, Bali being one of them

Indonesia is actually made up of 18,307 different islands, according to Wikipedia. Bali is one of the most popular and has been known as a top tourist spot for many years. Especially with the Australians! 

Being in such a good location, you can travel from Bali to different islands in Indonesia very easily. For example, when I travelled to Bali I went over to visit the Gili islands and also the neighbour Lombok island which is also located in Indonesia. 

Bali is certainly one of the most popular islands in Indonesia for tourism and it’s likely to do with their adaptation as a culture and extremely welcoming hospitality. The Balinese are so kind, friendly and willing to help you as a stranger. We will cover more on this shortly. 

Map of Indonesia what country is Bali in

Bali & the surrounding islands

The surrounding islands of Bali include Gili Islands, Java and Lombok. Each has its own unique spark to them. Lombok is more quiet and has some incredible jungles and beaches. It features one particularly famous pink beach which attracts a lot of people looking to get that Instagram-perfect shot. 

The Gili islands are like a touch of the Maldives but Indonesian style. The water is crystal clear and it’s famous for its incredible snorkelling spots which include a famous ring of statues where fish flock by the hundreds. 

Java is one of the most populated islands in Indonesia so you can expect to get the hustle and bustle feel of the big cities here. Similar to the other islands, the weather is hot and the jungle is lush. Bali and Lombok feel slightly more laid-back. 

Discover Indonesia As a Country

So, now that we know Bali is located in Indonesia, it’s best to understand what Indonesia is like. Bali is a product of Indonesian culture, heritage and geographical location so here’s my quick breakdown to help you discover Indonesia as a country. 

Major Cities In Indonesia

Here’s a list and quick description of all of the major cities in Indonesia:

Jakarta (Java):

  • This is the capital of Indonesia. It’s the economic and business hub. This city is an awesome place to experience the bustling culture from all across every island in Indonesia.

Medan (Sumatra):

  • As the largest city in Sumatra, Medan is known for its diverse ethnic mix, including a significant number of Batak, Chinese, and Indian communities.

Denpasar (Bali):

  • The capital city of Bali, Denpasar, offers a blend of modernity and traditional Balinese culture. It’s less about the beach compared to other parts of Bali but more about local markets, museums, and temples. 

Indonesian Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Indonesia is exactly what attracts tourists to places like Bali because it has such a unique feel compared to Western lifestyles. The lifestyle in Indonesia and Bali in particular is very social. Local people are community-focused and place a lot of emphasis on relationships with family and friends. 

In general, Indonesians place a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Family and social life are considered just as important as professional achievements. This could be another reason why people are so attracted to Indonesia and Bali. 

Discover Bali As an Island In Indonesia

Of course, we don’t want to get off topic and focus too much on Indonesia, though you are looking to find out what country Bali is in. But that being said, Bali is the main focus. So here’s a quick breakdown to help you discover Bali as an island in Indonesia. 

Local Balinese/Indonesian Delicacies

If you’re travelling to Bali you can expect to indulge in the amazing flavours of Indonesian food. As much as they are affordable, they are also delicious. Let us praise the likes of dishes such as Nasi Goreng. 

This famous Indonesian fried rice is cooked with a mix of meats and vegetables, seasoned with sweet soy sauce, garlic, tamarind, and chilli and typically topped with fried eggs.

When you get to Bali though, they do have a slight twist on some great food dishes. Introducing Babi Gulung (aka. Suckling pig). This is a famous Balinese dish where a whole pig is stuffed with a spice mixture (including turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, and more), and then roasted.

Delicious. Bali still has Indonesian flavours but has created its own unique dishes. 

Outdoor Adventures In Bali

Bali, like Indonesia, has so much to offer when it comes to adventure and travel. It’s one of the world’s most renowned surfing destinations, with spots like Uluwatu, Kuta, and Canggu offering waves for beginners and professionals alike. 

The waters around Bali are rich in marine life, making it a fantastic location for scuba diving and snorkelling. Places like Menjangan Island, Tulamben (famous for the USAT Liberty shipwreck), and Amed are known for their clear waters and diverse underwater ecosystems.

While not adrenaline-pumping, Bali’s outdoor yoga and wellness retreats are often set in serene environments and offer a different kind of outdoor experience focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

woman surfing in bali

Weather In Bali & Indonesia

I think what attracts so many tourists and nomads to Bali and Indonesia is the climate. The average temperature varies little throughout the year, typically ranging between 25 to 30 degrees. 

What more do nomads want other than sitting by the beaches with the sun shining sipping the famous Balinese coconut, right? 

There is a dry season, from around April to October. It’s usually less humid because there is less rainfall. Most of the holidaymakers will look to go to Bali around this time to get the best weather. 

There is also a wet season, between November and March. Trust me, when it rains here, it pours. The heavens open. During this time, it’s ultra humid as well and of course less crowded with tourists as well.

Exploring Indonesia through Bali

Bali is well-positioned for trips to nearby islands. You could, like me, head north into the Gili Islands which are also located in Indonesia and close to Bali (a few hours on a boat). Or you could head over to Lombok or even Java. 

A lot of people will start in Bali then make their way around Indonesia and then maybe back to Bali to finish or fly out. 

Bali is a Gateway to the rest of Indonesia

What’s amazing is so many people start off with Bali, fall in love with the Indonesian culture and then make their way around different Indonesian islands because they had such a good experience in Bali. 

Spending this time in Bali allows nomads, travellers and expats to learn about Indonesian customs and social norms. They can respect the culture and appreciate where they are much easier.

Indonesian Influence In Bali

Bali has a massive influence on Indonesian culture, food and many other things. They seem to all share the broader picture of government, language and heritage which brings all of the islands together. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Indonesian influence across Bali. 

How Indonesian cuisine is being reflected in Balinese food

Bali, as its own culture, has adopted some awesome recipes from Indonesian food and made it their own. 

Indonesian cuisine is renowned for its generous use of spices, and this is true in Bali as well. Spices like turmeric, galangal, ginger, lemongrass, and chillies are commonly used in Balinese dishes

Let’s not forget that the Indonesian method of slow cooking to enhance flavours is also a part of Balinese cooking, as seen in dishes like Bebek Betutu (slow-cooked duck).

bowl of Indonesian food, overlooking mountains

Indonesian is a spoken language in Bali by many

Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language of Indonesia and is used in government, education, media, and business throughout Bali. 

It’s the most formal language and brings the communities together, especially in a larger country of Indonesia. Alongside Bahasa Indonesia, the Balinese language is widely spoken, especially in rural areas and within Balinese communities.

Conclusion: What Country Is Bali In?

So there you have it, the answer to the question what country is Bali in – Bali is found inside Indonesia, a country in South East Asia that is surrounded by Malaysia and the Philippines. And this country has an amazing influence over Bali as we’ve discussed. 

As a province of Indonesia, Bali is still governed by the Indo authorities but it has its own provincial government that handles local administrative matters.

You’ve probably got a nice feel for Bali culture, and why it’s loved so much by digital nomads and other travellers abroad. Expats love it, the locals love it, and I think everyone loves it! 

Bali you have our hearts forever. 

Share your thoughts in the comments below if you’ve been to Bali or waiting to go! 

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