We offer a wide range of Nomad Adventures, running monthly to different destinations around the world.


Experience multiple sides Thailand in 9 days – Bangkok, Khao Sok, Paradise Bottle Beach and Koh Phangan! Explore temples, boat trips, floating bungalows, beach days, nightlife, group workouts, group meals, muay thai, yoga, ice baths, beach clubs and nature hikes.


Starting in Canggu, we’ll take an unforgettable 11 day tour of this magical island, experiencing Ubud and Nusa Penida before circling back to Canggu where all the nomads and cool kids hang out these days. Included: Temples, beach clubs, waterfalls, monkeys, view points, manta rays, beaches, boats, yoga, parties, dinners, sunsets, yoga, workouts & sunsets.

Extreme retreats

These are once-off tours run for adventure seekers, offering the opportunity to network and a focus on an extreme sport (either kite surfing or snowboarding) in Sri Lanka and Andorra!


7th June

7-10 Day Extreme Retreat: Kite Surf & Co-Work in Sri Lanka

January 2025

25th Jan

7 Day Extreme Retreat: Sonwboard and Network in Andorra

Beach Meets: Non-Conference

This is our very own 5 Day Nomad “Non-Conference” in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This is an incredible experience for Aspiring and Established Nomads and includes networking, talks and many activities!

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