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For Remote Teams

Revitalising Team Spirits and Redefining Connections

DNA is bringing a new era in team-building, designed explicitly for dispersed teams seeking genuine connections.

In this digital age where emails rule and virtual meetings dominate, our tailored adventures offer an opportunity to transform pixels into profound, lasting relationships.

From scenic retreats to adrenaline-pumping activities, our adventures are not just about fun; they’re transformative. They break down barriers, cultivate trust, and ignite a sense of unity among team members who may have only interacted through screens.

These experiences transcend mere team-building—they establish bonds that endure beyond the confines of remote work.

Embrace the power of shared adventures; revolutionise the way your remote team collaborates and thrives together.

What do we offer for Teams?

We recognise the unique dynamics of remote teams, often comprised of individuals who’ve seldom met face-to-face. Our programmes bridge this physical gap, infusing trust and synergy through carefully crafted group activities. Picture your team, set in a tropical paradise, conquering obstacles, problem-solving in real-time, and celebrating victories together, paving the way for seamless collaboration in the virtual workspace.

Your team will be basking in the vibrant culture of Thailand or immersing in the serene beauty of Bali, bonding over beaches, culture, cocktails and new experiences, breaking down barriers, fostering unity and trust through shared adventures.

Or delve into our 7-day kite-surfing and co-working retreats in Koh Phangan, Thailand or Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. Imagine days filled with exhilarating kite-surfing sessions and evenings spent collaborating in unique co-working spaces—this fusion of thrill and productivity sets the stage for transformative team dynamics, productivity and satisfaction.

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Which Adventure is right for you?



Come and Co-work / Co-live in Koh Phangan, Thailand alongside our Digital Nomad Community – our passes include activities & more!

Available ALL YEAR

Beach meets


The ultimate networking event in Koh Phangan, Thailand – this is a non-conference for growing your network in paradise. 

Next Event: 23rd August



Transformational group adventure tours for Aspiring and Established nomads & entrepreneurs. Travel South Thailand & Level Up. 

Next Trip: 9th August



Every adventure includes one of our exclusive, and fully customisable, DNA Level Up Programmes, fostering personal growth, bonding, and facilitating progress towards individual and collective goals.

With topics such as exploring a growth mindset, redefining failure, setting intentions, and healthy habits we want to encourage your team to ensure they are being their best selves – professionally and personally. Our amazing facilitators will start the conversations, but leave the floor open for your team to inspire one another, growing and developing as one.

We will work with you to ensure the most relevant programme content to ensure that your team gets the most from your experience.

Still not convinced? Read our reviews!

Mica – ‘My experience on the South Thailand tour with DNA was transformative! The topics focused on during the tour really highlighted valuable areas of personal development and helped me to focus in on what it is that I want for my future, as well as take the first few steps to get there!’

Nadine – ‘It was 9 days of adventure, belly laughs, inspirational conversations and self-development. Lots of beautiful conversations and lifelong friendships formed :sparkles: thank you DNA!!’

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Frequently asked questions

All your transport in country, all accommodation, loads of activities, some meals (check what’s included list), a group of new friends, a program of group growth sessions to help achieve your goals, a life changing travel experience like no other. 

International flights. You gotta get to the start destination yourself. Travel insurance. You 100% need this. 
Most food & drink. Make sure you budget enough to eat and drink at least. 

We keep group sizes relatively small in order to optimise the experience and make it more personal. You could be travelling with anywhere from 8 to 18 fellow nomads. 

A group of cool, like minded, free spirited entrepreneurs & remote professionals who also want to live the dream. We speak to every person to ensure their awesomeness and to make sure the trip is right for everyone on it.

This is primarily a group adventure tour with some team building, goal setting, masterminds and other group sessions built in. The sessions will not be long, intense or cheesy as they can be at some retreats. Co living/working are usually focused around one base destination with a few activities thrown in and lots of time to work. This trip covers several destinations and packs in loads of cool stuff to do in a relatively short period so you experience more and have the most fun possible!

Whilst we will try and make sure you have a couple of hours most days to get online and get stuff done. This is a travel experience so most of the time will be spent travelling, taking part in activities, or having fun with new friends. 

What you do after the trip is up to yo but if you dig the vibe in Koh Phangan or Canggu or any of our other destinations, we can help you get settled and integrated into the community of nomads. You can even book one of our Live, Work, Play flexible accommodation packages if you want to stay in a cool resort with co-working and stuff going on.

Just pick a country, pick a start date and get in touch with us. The first step is a discovery call with one of our founders so we can get to know each other a bit and make sure trip is right for you. 

After this we will send you a booking form and payment link so you can secure your spot.

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