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10th - 19th Jan '24

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Meet Rin!

“Hi, I’m Rin! I’m 23 years old and I have been living nomadically around the world for the last three years.

A year ago I decided I would start to document my life as a nomad on social media, and now I am a full-time content creator! I love to use my content to showcase my day-to-day life as a nomad, and to inspire others to get out in the world and explore all that it has to offer.

I would love to have you join me on this journey in Thailand so that we can all help each other to learn and appreciate the different ways of living successfully as a traveller, and help to grow a new network of nomads!”


Experience a trip of a lifetime!

Over the 9 days we will take you to some of the best Thailand has to offer, letting you get out of your comfort zone and off the beaten track. From the busy streets of Bangkok to the tranquil shores of Koh Phangan, there’s a little bit of everything. You will spend your days cycling, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and sure relaxing in a hammock by the beach!

You will be with a small group of like-minded people, all ready to explore, take on the adventure and learn how to take their lives to the next level.

This trip includes modules of our DNA success blueprint, as well as exclusive masterclasses with Rin, covering topics such as:

How to Grow Your Social Media Following

Learn  strategies from Rin, who has amassed over 600k followers, and 34 million likes, and who now is free to travel the world on her own terms.

Content Creation Workshops for IG and TikTok

Led by Rin, these hands-on sessions are all about exploring the art of storytelling, aesthetic design, and platform-specific strategies.

How to Monetize Your

Learn how to make money from your online presence and transform your digital journey into a financially rewarding experience.


What we'll be getting up to

Explore the amazing culture and beautiful scenery of Thailand. Learn how to step up your social media game. Meet incredible people and forge bonds that will last a lifetime.


Arrival Day & Introductions

Theme: Intentions & Networking


When you arrive we will pick you up form the airport and take you to the start hotel to meet the rest of the crew. Or meet us at the hotel where early arrivals will probably be having a cocktail and a chat in the roof top pool.


Once everyone has arrived we'll meet for intro's and a quick welcome talk at the hotel before heading to a rooftop bar for welcome drinks and some speed networking.

7 pm - Dinner and drinks

We'll enjoy a group dinner at one of our favourite Thai restaurants in Bangkok and maybe a few cheeky drinks around the lively Khao San road area after.


Theme: Happiness & Living In The Present Moment


If you're an early riser, join us for a yoga session or workout to start the day!



Today we discuss living in the ‘now’ and how it affects your ability to create your dream life. We'll also discuss meditation and learn techniques to help clear the mind and bring you to the present moment.


We explore a beautiful Buddhist Temple where we will hear about the Buddhist faith, meditation and the keys to happiness from one of the Buddhist monks. Then take a bike ride around a historical section of the city, before taking a cruise along the famous Chao Phraya river to see some of bangkoks famous landmarks.

4pm TO 7PM - Free time

Time time to relax, get some emails done, explore more of Bangkok, or chill in the pool. Tough choices.

7 pm - Group Dinner

Another tasty group dinner followed by a swanky rooftop bar for cocktails and amazing views on Bangkok.

Khao Sok - Nature at its best

Theme: Goals & Vision


Sometimes you gotta start early to get to paradise. We catch a morning flight to Surat and minibus ride before our boat ride through the beautiful national park.


When we get to the airport we'll have time for a snack and a look at the shops before catching our flight at 9am.


When we arrive at the floating bungalows we'll get a delicious Thai lunch on the lake then have a chat about how we can use goals to create a road map for our success.

Afternoon - Khao Sok NATIONAL PARK

After that we can enjoy the surroundings, an awe-inspiring tropical rainforest with a huge freshwater lake and towering limestone mountains. Upon the lake sit some floating bungalows which is where we stay, the resort is completely off grid so take the opportunity to unplug & connect with your surroundings and new friends. Spend the afternoon chilling by the lake, swimming, kayaking, or taking in the beauty.

7pm - Group DInner

After an amazing afternoon in paradise we finish up with a group dinner under the stars. If we are lucky and there are no clouds then you'll be able to see millions of them. A special place indeed.

Bottle Beach - Living the Dream

Theme: Mindset - Framing & EQ

Morning - sunrise and shine

How many times have you woken up floating on a beautiful, fresh water lake, surrounded by jungle and mountains? We recommend getting up early to experience the magical first hours of light and take a dip before we grab breakfast. Then it's time to leave Khao Sok for another insanely beautiful destination...

Afternoon - Arrive at Bottle Beach

Once we arrive at Bottle Beach - a secluded, semi-private beach on the remote north coast of the island we’ll discuss the effect our perception has on our reality and the concept of emotional intelligence. After this we are free to spend the afternoon playing volleyball, lazing in a hammock or swimming in the sea. Bottle Beach is more connected so there will also be time to get online and get some bits done if necessary.

Evening - Group dinner & MAstermind

In the evening we’ll have yet another delicious group dinner under the stars, then we host a mastermind session round the fire to help you get to know what the nomads in your group are good at and how you can help each other achieve goals.

Muay Thai in Paradise - Work Hard, Play Hard​

Theme: Manifestation: What is it?

Morning - another paradise

Wake up to the sound of the waves, step out from your bungalow, feel the sand between your toes & take a dip in the crystal clear ocean. Join the morning viewpoint hike, or relax in your hammock and enjoy the surroundings, you're on holiday 🙂


After breakfast, we’ll ltalk about manifestation, what it is, and how we might be able to use the principle to bring about our dream realities faster.


After we leave Bottle Beach, we’ll get the blood pumping by attending an energetic Thai boxing class where we'll learn a bit about Thailand's national sport and crush a killer workout. Our last stop on the trip is Tiki Beach. Our own little beach resort with co-working spaces, a beach, a garden gym, pool table & amazing restaurant & bar so we’ll have everything we need for the rest of the trip. Jump straight into the sea or take a dip in the ocean-view pool to cool off and spend the afternoon chilling or taking care of that pesky email list.


After a hard day of work and play in paradise, they say the best thing to do is have a BBQ on the beach with new friends. And who are we to argue?

Life's a Beach...

Theme: Redefining Failure & Incremental Improvements

Morning - Workout

Join our morning HIIT workout at the garden gym or soak up the morning sun on the beach.

Brunchtime - Group discussion

Today's topic is all about living and learning from mistakes. We'll discuss the importance of treating mistakes as learning opportunities not as things to be ashamed of or hide as well as the power of incremental improvements & marginal gains.


In the early afternoon, we head out to explore some of the island's best beaches and take in the beauty of Koh Phangan. We’ll have lunch at a cool spot then head out and explore some more. We might even be able to try some snorkelling and an optional water sport activity (if conditions allow).

Evening - Sunset session

We'll catch the sunset at one of the island's best viewpoint bars before heading back to get ready for dinner. You’ll meet the owner and one of the pioneers of the Digital Nomad scene in Phangan at a popular dinner spot

Yoga & Ice Baths: Breathe

Theme: Growth Happens Outside Our Comfort Zone


After a morning workout and tasty breakfast, we’re headed out to find some zen. We’ll take part in a yoga/breath work session at one of the island's beautiful yoga/healing centres. Then we'll challenge ourselves with a dip in the ice bath and learn some breathing techniques. You've probably heard of Wimm Hoff, well now it's time to give it a go and see what the fuss is about (if you haven't already).

Afternoon - FREE TIME

Afterwards, we'll head back to the resort where you can chill, use the resort facilities, or have a beer on the beach and chat with your new mates. In the late afternoon, we’ll meet for a group session on comfort zones and why stepping outside of them leads to greatness.


In the evening we head to one of the popular food markets where we can sample a variety of culinary delights.

Views for days

Theme: Present Moment, Effortless Actions

Morning - Group HIKE

Get a sweat on with an early morning nature hike to either a mountain viewpoint, waterfall, or hidden beach. Hot but well worth it.

Afternoon - relax & reflect

After working up an appetite we'll head back for lunch and a chilled afternoon at the resort where we'll have time to get online and reflect on our experience so far. We’ll also go over the next steps & actions to help bring you closer to your goals.


In the late afternoon we jump on our boat for a sunset champagne (or prossecco) cruise then head to an amazing restaurant for our last group meal of the trip. What better way to end the most amazing experience? (Note: if conditions don not allow the boat cruise to go ahead, we will replace with something ele really cool.)

Check out ​day!

Theme: Time management & Freebies


The digital journey might have hit pause, but the nomad life never stops. You're welcome to stay on at our resort for as long as you like (check out our LWP packages), and we can even help you find short-medium term housing if you decide Phangan is your jam like we did. Even if you're living somewhere else on the island, you are welcome to use our co-working spaces and hang at Tiki Beach as long as your heart desires. You're part of the DNA community now, and we're here to support your digital nomad journey forever and help each other realise our dreams!


Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

For the first few nights we stay at a bougie boutique hotel near the backpacker area in Bangkok. Situated in the heart of the city, this resort offers a unique blend of Thai and Asian influences, and has everything your every day digital nomad needs.

Floating Bungalows

Enjoy the magic of Khao Sok from the unique perspective of our floating bungalows. Nestled in the heart of this pristine National Park, you will have the chance to immerse yourself into the tranquil serenity of the natural world.

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the soothing pulse of nature. It’s an experience that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and with memories that will last a lifetime.

Bottle Beach Huts

Bottle Beach, a secluded semi private beach on the remote north coast of Koh Phangan. This will give you a taste of what backpacking/island hopping has been like here for 20 years. It’s a time to embrace freedom and life to the fullest and enjoy every minute. 

Tiki Beach Koh Phangan

Welcome to your dream life. Sit back and relax now you have finally reached Tiki beach. Chill by the awesome pool, on the beach or smash out some work in the co working facility. Play pool, or pickleball, work out in the garden gym, or meet people at the beach bar. Tiki beach has got all you need. Located in the heart on Ban Tai, you are just a moment away from amazing food, bars and beaches. 

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