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Digital Nomad Blogs you need to be reading in 2024

If you’ve made it this far – onto a digital nomad website into an article exploring digital nomad blogs – then you’ve probably got a fair idea already what a digital nomad is.

But just in case, put simply, a digital nomad is someone who travels around the world and works from their computer or laptop to support themselves. It’s not one big holiday, it’s not quite becoming a full expat, it’s kind of a more moveable place in between. This is the actual reality of 35 million digital nomads worldwide.

I’ve collated the top digital nomad blogs to inspire you and help make your digital nomad dreams a reality! (Aside obviously from this blog hosted by Digital Nomad Adventures). These blogs cover everything you could possibly need to know about life on the road. From tips and tricks about remote work and finding gigs, to the best digital-friendly locations, to personal stories and experiences that’ll make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, inspire you to chase your digital nomad dreams. I’ve personally curated this list of digital nomad bloggers from different backgrounds, cultures, and stages in life.

So, whether you’re just starting to consider this lifestyle or you’re a seasoned nomad looking for fresh ideas, here are some of the best digital nomad blogs that you need to check out and follow. 

These are 100% in no particular order, but I have organised them by niche so you can find resources that best suit you and your travelling style/needs. 

Solo female traveller - best digital nomad blogs for women

Best Digital Nomad Blogs for Solo Female Travellers

These blogs are aimed specifically at women looking to travel the world solo, discussing the unique challenges that come with that. The practical tips and inspiration from the authors who have already leapt into solo female travel provide some invaluable tips and insights for all types of travellers and may even draw your attention to problems, solutions and experiences you hadn’t even considered. 

This award-winning blog focuses on empowering women to take the leap into the travelling lifestyle and explore the world on their own. The site is primarily geared towards travel and adventuring as a solo woman but the recommendations of exciting and safe destinations, plus tips and tricks for new travellers and nomads are useful no matter your gender, and there are also sections and downloadable resources about making money while you’re travelling.

Initially inspired by one woman’s adventures, this blog is now a full website with many travel writers offering female perspectives on the digital nomad lifestyle, providing travel tips, destination information, and advice for working remotely while travelling.

Nomad Girl now features travel stories and advice from an incredible community of female travel writers and digital nomads. The website offers tips on everything from finding the best travel insurance and new digital nomad visas to travelling solo as a woman and things to look out for. 

More than just a blog, this platform is a vibrant community for location-independent women around the world. It offers resources, community, and support to help you navigate remote work, travel, and building businesses or personal brands.

The best part of this site is the virtual community called “The Lab”. With over 30K members, the community offers opportunities for connection, collaboration and accountability, and organises retreats. It’s a supportive space for women who are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

The website overall promotes a mindful and balanced approach to location independence and solo female travel, with a specific focus on collaboration and ethical practices.

Digital Nomad Blogs for Building Your Business

In this section the blogs I have highlighted explore the world of remote entrepreneurship and discuss strategies, tools, and insights to help you build and grow a successful online business while you adapt to the nomadic lifestyle.

The host of the Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast and an award-winning blogger, Jessie really knows what she’s talking about as she aims to help travel bloggers build a sustainable business model and that really comes across in her writing.

She provides a great resource for solo female travellers and aspiring travel bloggers who want to combine their love of travel with building a fulfilling and potentially profitable lifestyle.

Jessie will show you how to leverage affiliate marketing, find sponsorship deals, and improve the marketing of your blog, all while living a location-independent lifestyle. She even offers courses and consultations to provide more personal and specific advice tailored to you.

 This blog is a great place to start if you want to learn how to make money online as it is dedicated to teaching its readers how to build passive income and become financially free. Sharon Tseung, the creator of Digital Nomad Quest, went from earning $30k/year to becoming a millionaire by 30, owning 32 rental units as well as several passive income businesses. On this blog you’ll find specific guides on making passive income through real estate, Etsy, and blogging. 

woman and baby in front of a lake

Top Digital Nomad Blogs for Nomadic Families

Not all nomads are solo travellers these days, so if you are on the road with your family these blogs are for you.

Here you’ll find resources and tips with a focus on travelling with kids and pets as well as a lot of very specific move-abroad guides for the places Anna has lived in over the years.

Blending personal travel stories with actionable advice, Anna shares the ups and downs of life as a nomadic family, aiming to inspire readers to travel more deeply and mindfully. The focus of her blog is on exploration, it’s not strictly about becoming a digital nomad, although Anna does touch on aspects of remote work that facilitate her travels.

This blog is a must-read for families looking for advice and inspiration on how to balance travel, work, and family life.

One of the most popular family blogs, Where’s Sharon? focuses on creating lasting memories for families through travel experiences, providing content for parents seeking inspiration and practical information for creating enriching travel experiences for the whole family.

In addition to family travel guides, tips and resources, Sharon shares candid discussions about the realities of travelling with kids, and the difficulties of balancing travel with education and parenting.

Small Footprints, Big Adventures is a fantastic resource for families looking to get on the road whilst remaining conscious about responsible tourism practices.

The parents and writers, Emma and Anthony, provide practical advice for families traveling with children, with a focus on sustainability including tips on packing light, reducing waste on the road, and choosing eco-friendly travel experiences.

The blog also features personal stories, reflections, and photos showcasing the joys of family travel while prioritising environmental responsibility and minimising one’s own impact. 

man in dumb pose cleaning turtle tank

Best Digital Nomad Blogs for Budget Travel

These next blogs are honestly some of my absolute favourites as they make the nomad lifestyle accessible for so many people. They focus on budget-stretching hacks and affordable travel destinations so you can travel and maximise your experiences without breaking the bank.

Okay, so Nomadic Matt is definitely one of the most famous digital nomad blogs out there, but honestly it’s so popular because its really is that good. Matt is a travel writer and blogger who has been traveling the world for almost 20 years.

Focusing on long-term, budget travel, this New York Times best-selling author gives practical travel tips that get you off the beaten path and save you money.

Nomadic Matt’s most famous pieces revolve around travelling and working abroad on a budget. His tips and tricks for getting super cheap flights are insane and his authentic blog posts from his life as a traveller are pretty inspiring and well worth a read.

Another super popular and well-known resource, Will, otherwise known as The Broke Backpacker, specialises in budget travel aimed those seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Surviving in foreign countries on as low as $10 a day, Will shares his tips for travelling on a budget while still getting the most out of each experience.

He covers topics like finding cheap flights, packing light, staying safe on the road, and saving money on food and has a huge work and travel section which includes dozens of articles on digital nomadism, working abroad, teaching English abroad, and so much more.

What really sets this site apart, though, is the emphasis on exploring lesser-known destinations and unique experiences on a budget, encouraging travellers to venture beyond typical tourist attractions.

digital nomads with laptops working hard

Top Digital Nomad Blogs for Business and Productivity

This section is all about staying productive and maintaining a solid work-life balance while travelling. The blogs here all have some great insights into self-discipline and managing work life while on the move. 

Run by Nick & Dariece, a couple from Canada, this amazing site is full of advice on how to make money while you’re out on the road and can enjoy life to the fullest.

Goats On The Road offers comprehensive resources for anyone who wants to integrate travel and remote work into their lives and provides content to nomads at different stages, giving practical advice, inspiration, and a glimpse into the digital nomad lifestyle.

They also offer a huge remote jobs ebook, which is a great place to start when you want to become a digital nomad but aren’t sure what you’re qualified for or what you want to do.

Run by Christopher Dodd, a location-independent web developer, this blog features personal experiences and insights on digital nomad life, with a focus on remote work and freelancing.

Chris has excellent suggestions for co-working, and productivity as a nomad and also provides detailed and personal guides on ideal locations and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Chris’s technical and IT-based background gives a unique perspective to his content, making his blog a great resource for digital nomads working in the tech/IT industry.

 Written by Mike Hulleman, a digital nomad from Canada with years of experience in this lifestyle, you’ll find guides on everything from networking, cryptocurrency, and building your income, to kit lists and destinations. There are even specific sections for nomading with kids, dealing with mental health, and a dedicated men’s community!

Mike’s primary objective is to help you achieve financial freedom and location independence making his site almost a one-stop-shop for digital nomad expert advice on making money and gaining freedom.

woman painting alphabet mural

Digital Nomad Blogs for Artists, Writers, Creatives and Freelancers

For creatives, finding inspiration on the road while avoiding burnout is essential. These blogs are run by artists, writers, and freelancers who share their experiences navigating the freelance world as nomads. They offer practical guidance on remote work tools, finding clients internationally, and staying productive on the move.

By the artist and entrepreneur of the same name, this blog shares practical advice on managing freelance work, building a remote client base, and staying productive while travelling.

A travel blog focused on storytelling and cultural immersion featuring in-depth stories and stunning photography showcasing destinations around the world. Juno has won awards for her travel blogging and photography and now offers practical tips and advice for nomads wanting to improve their own skills.

Okay so not a digital nomad blog but Rolf is a writer for National Geographic, adventurer, creative writing teacher, and generally one of the best travel writers around right now.

This is a great resource for learning about some epic locations, life as a travel writer and for just picking up tips on how to make your own writing better.

My favourite part of this blog is that Rolf has a monthly Travel Writer interview series in which he interviews a wide range of travel writers, editors, publishers, filmmakers, bloggers, and novelists. This is a must-read for any digital nomad writer or travel writer.

Matthew Karsten’s long-running blog focuses on slow travel over faster-paced tourism. He has an epic photography portfolio that you need to check out plus loads of tips on earning money as a digital nomad, getting paid to travel, and saving.

entrepreneurs at the DNA beach meets

Digital Nomad Blogs for Entrepreneurs:

Building a thriving business doesn’t mean being chained to a desk and many digital nomads are successful entrepreneurs who built their businesses on the road. These blogs offer insights on managing remote teams, staying productive while travelling, and even finding clients internationally.

With its team of researchers, strategists, and legal partners, Nomad Capitalist is a one-stop shop for affluent individuals seeking to optimise their finances and assets through offshore strategies.

The blog is a goldmine of information on international tax strategies, second residencies, and overseas investments.

The site has a strong emphasis on its commitment to legal and compliant solutions, tailored to your specific circumstances and can help teach you how to legally reduce taxes, grow your wealth, and build a lifestyle free from any one government.

Aimed at aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to build a remote or online business, this blog contains tips on everything from building an online business to guides on maintaining a healthy work-life balance while on the road. 

Run by Natalie Sisson, a digital nomad for over a decade, her personal stories and experiences add a personable touch. She also shares stories and interviews with successful location-independent business owners, offering motivation and real-world examples.

woman and dog

Stay Updated: Exploring Cutting-Edge Trends in Digital Nomad Blogging

The digital nomad landscape is constantly evolving with new trends popping up and gaining traction thanks to social media and the increasing interest in the digital nomad lifestyle. I have collated a few blogs that focus on these new and increasingly popular niches:

The Rise of the Micro-Nomad:

For those of you who can’t quite commit to the digital lifestyle full-time but still seek a taste of location independence, blogs like “The Weekend Wanderer” and  “Remote Year” offer insights into shorter travel stints, from sabbaticals to weekend getaways. These types of shorter trips are also a really good way to dip your toe into the nomad lifestyle without fully committing right away.

The Sustainable Nomad:

Minimise your environmental impact on the road! Blogs like “Green Global Travel” and “The Adventurous Kate” promote eco-friendly travel practices, responsible tourism, and sustainable living while exploring the world.

Alajode is one of my favourites in this space as she explores travelling in a mindful and responsible way. With tips on ethical wildlife encounters and unique ecotourism destinations, this blog is great if you want to limit the damage your travel journey has on the world, and leave a positive impact wherever you go.

The Future of Work:

we’ve already looked at some specific business and entrepreneurial blogs, but these sites focus specifically on finding remote gigs. Sites like “FlexJobs” and “It’s A Travel O.D.” provide resources to help you get your next digital nomad job on the road, with tips, career advice and remote-work specific job boards.

In this category I always recommend Remote Rebellion, run by our wonderful friend Michelle Coulson. This site is not only a great resource for finding and thriving in remote work, but Michelle also publishes a weekly blog post engaging with current and trending issues within the remote workspace.


So there you have it, my top picks for digital nomad blogs in 2024 to help you get on the road, or level-up your digital nomad game.

From expert advice on landing remote work opportunities to insider tips on finding the ideal digital nomad hub, these blogs will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate this path.

We’ve even gone a step further, featuring bloggers from diverse backgrounds and experiences, ensuring there’s a voice that resonates with you, no matter your current stage in the digital nomad journey.

Of course we can’t forget the Digital Nomad Blog here on DNA. Run by digital nomads, for digital nomads you can keep up with all the latest visa advice, nomad resources and travel guides here. 

Let us know what you want to learn about next!!

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