Best co-working spaces in Koh Phangan

Best co working spaces koh phangan


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5 Best Co-Working Spaces In Koh Phangan - Co-working in Paradise

Digital nomadism: because who wants a cubicle when you could have a beach? A balance of WiFi and waves?  The freedom to live, work and play on a tropical island paradise…

With Thailand currently being ranked number three globally as a top digital nomad destination, we want to draw your attention to one of its island gems: Koh Phangan. 

Beyond its shimmering beaches, Koh Phangan is a playground for the remote-working, island-hopping digital nomad elite. Here, the sound of the sea becomes your office soundtrack as you’re never too far from a beach. 

Probably best known for its full moon parties and lively backpacker scene, the island is now quietly becoming Thailand’s next hotspot for remote workers and is developing a whole different side outside of the party atmosphere. 

There is now a growing number of amazing restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, villas and co-working spaces designed with the nomad in mind, and plenty of places to chill, unwind and relax outside of the full moon festivities. 

In this post, we will take a look at some of our favourite co-working spaces where you can go to get shit done in between enjoying everything else the island has to offer. 

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Casa Tropicana / Remote & Digital

Best for: When you want your office to look like it’s straight out of an influencer’s Instagram post.

At Casa Tropicana, expect your workstation to feel like a tropical screensaver. Situated right on the beach near Baan Tai pier, Casa boasts stunning ocean views as well as uninterrupted WiFi, and spaces that scream productivity. 

They offer hot desks for 250thb/day or 2500thb/month, a dedicated desk for 400thb/day – 5000thb/month or private meeting rooms for 400thb/hour or 1500thb/day and even have a private office option for 800thb/day – 4000thb/week. 

They also have an excellent food and drink menu created by the company’s executive chef and lots of nice dining spaces both open and covered. 

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The Hustle Club

Best for: Digital Nomads Who Work Hard and Play Harder.

The Hustle Club’s slick interiors cater to those who bring the hustle from the city to the tranquil shores of Koh Phangan. It’s not on the beach but it’s not very far from it and you can see the ocean from the deck surrounding the pool. Don’t be afraid to jump in and enjoy a refreshing dip in between meetings!

The prices at the Hustle Club start at 250thb/day – 3900thb/month for a hot desk, 1750thb/week – 5400thb/month for a private desk. The private offices will set you back 400thb for an hour or 500thb for a week and a conference room is 400thb for 30 mins or 3000thb for the day. 

They have decent coffee and a good selection of food and beverages, plus they are only a few minutes’ drive to Thong Sala so not far from plenty of other shops and restaurants. 

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Inner Work

Best for: Those seeking a side of Zen with their Zoom calls.

Meld your work grind with spiritual alignment at Inner Work, a great option when looking at co-working spaces on the isalnd. This space lets you juggle a yoga pose and a presentation deck – a truly holistic digital nomad experience in Koh Phangan.

It’s a hybrid space where mindfulness meets the MacBook. And yes, you can literally join a yoga session in the break. Namaste productive!

Prices here for a hot desk are 350thb for one day and 1600 for the week, which comes with some bonus perks like unlimited free tea & coffee, some free printing, and the best part is its 24/7 access. No worrying about time zones here!

A meeting room is available for 1000/hour for non-members and 500 for members.

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Dots Cafe

Best for: Digital Nomads who need a Caffeine Fix.

Dots Cafe is where gourmet coffee meets the digital grind. Perfect for digital nomads in Koh Phangan needing that artisanal coffee kick with a side of inspiration.

This isn’t your average co-working cafe. Dots is the love child of a gourmet coffee shop and a cool co-working place in the sun. With an array of delectable pastries (try not to drool on your keyboard) and a caffeine menu that’s more detailed than your monthly analytics report, it’s hard not to feel inspired here.

I’m not sure about the exact prices for Dot’s but it’s free to sit downstairs in the café as long as you order something from the menu.  Upstairs you can find the co-working area and hot desks. 

good wifi options across thailand and bali

Tiki Beach

Our pick for the best Co-Working Spaces in Koh Phangan

Best for: When you want every work break to be a beach break.

Our personal favourite and the place where we finish up our South Thailand Nomad Adventure Tour, is Tiki Beach Koh Phangan. It’s not just a co-working space, it’s also a beach resort and a beach bar & restaurant. 

At Tiki Beach, every day is casual Friday. With sandy floors, an endless horizon, and a bar that serves up some wicked cocktails, (order the strawberry daiquiri, you won’t be disappointed!) you’d be forgiven for occasionally forgetting that deadline. It’s less “office vibes” and more “why am I wearing shoes again?”

Tiki Beach promises an experience where shoes feel optional and beach breaks are mandatory. It’s the go-to co-working space for digital nomads who won’t compromise beach vibes while on the clock.

The co-working spaces here are free to use, but they don’t have private offices for hire, they do however have a great food menu that is totally customisable and the most friendly and helpful team of professionals. The place has a sociable and relaxed vibe so it’s an excellent place to meet other nomads and travellers. They also have nomad meet-ups every other Thursday evening from 6 pm at the beach bar so pop in if you are on the island.


So there you have it Nomads, Koh Phangan is not just about moonlit dances and island beats; it’s a hub for those who carry their office in a backpack. If you’ve been hunting for that perfect blend of work and wanderlust, you’ve found it. Each co-working space offers a slice of paradise, tailored to the digital lifestyle. Remember: In Koh Phangan, you’re not just working remotely – you’re working in paradise.

Until the next adventure,

Your pals at Digital Nomad Adventures 🌍🌴🚀

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