Are Group Trips Worth It?

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Why You Need to Join a Group Trip in 2024

Group trips, a popular travel option, offer a potential solution for digital nomads and other travellers seeking a balance between exploration and convenience in the form of pre-planned adventure. But are they truly worth it?

Group trips have garnered a mixed reputation over the years, praised for their convenience, criticised for their rigidity, and stereotyped for those assumed most likely to join them. 

This guide delves deep into the world of group travel, especially those designed specifically  for digital nomads, weighing the pros and cons, with data insights, and personal experiences, to help you decide if it’s the perfect way to unlock your travel dreams.

Ultimately, the decision rests upon aligning your travel aspirations with the opportunities group tours present.

What Are Group Tours?

Group tours are pre-planned adventures led by experienced guides. 

These curated experiences often encompass transportation, accommodation, guided activities, and predetermined itineraries. Group sizes can range from a handful of individuals to larger contingents, with pricing typically structured per person or couple.

Destinations can range from bustling cities to remote wilderness escapes, catering to a variety of interests and budgets.

Whether it’s a guided tour, an adventure trip, or a cultural expedition, group tours come in various forms, promising a shared experience. The key lies in finding a group tour that aligns with your interests and travel style.

Who Goes On Group Tours?

The beauty of group travel lies in its diversity as these tours come in all shapes and sizes catering to differing demographics. 

A 2023 study by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) found that group travel is on the rise, particularly among millennials. This trend is likely fueled by the desire for curated experiences, social connection, and a sense of security, especially for first-time travellers to unfamiliar destinations.

According to a 2022 survey by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), digital nomads are a rapidly growing segment of consumers attending group trips:

  • Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs: Seeking a balance between work, exploration, and building a supportive remote work community.
  • Solo Travelers: Craving companionship, shared experiences, and the convenience of pre-planned logistics.
  • Remote Workers with Families: Enjoying stress-free adventures with activities suitable for all ages.
  • Location-Independent Creatives: Finding inspiration in new cultures and collaborating with fellow digital nomads.

Group trips cater for a diverse demographic, spanning young professionals seeking hassle-free adventures to retirees keen on immersive cultural experiences. Who you’ll encounter really depends on the destination, budget and trip style that you opt for. 

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Solo Travel Vs Group Travel

The age-old debate – solo or group travel?  

While solo travel offers the freedom to craft your own journey, group trips cater to those seeking the camaraderie of like-minded explorers. A study published in the Journal of Travel Research (2019) found that solo travellers valued independence and self-discovery, while group travellers prioritized safety, cultural immersion, and the opportunity to forge new connections.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personality and travel goals. Having experience with both, I can tell you that there are definitely pros and cons to each style of travelling.

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Solo Travel


  • Unparalleled flexibility,
  • freedom to explore at your own pace,
  • deeper cultural immersion.


  • Planning logistics,
  • potential feelings of isolation,
  • safety concerns in certain destinations,
  • often more expensive.

Group Travel


  • Stress-free planning,
  • built-in social connections,
  • expert guidance and insights.


  • Less flexibility,
  • limited itinerary control, 
  • potential personality clashes within the group.

So, how do you decide? Consider your comfort level with planning and organisation, your desire for social interaction, and your budget. If you crave spontaneity and the unknown, solo travel might be more for you. However, group travel could be the perfect fit if you prioritise ease and a structure.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Trips?

So thinking more about group trips specifically, lets discuss the reasons why people choose them as a travel option, and why others avoid them. 

This type of travel can be very divisive, and is very much dependant on your own personal preferences. 

Group Tours - The Pros

  • Convenience: With logistics, accommodation, and activities pre-arranged, group tours offer a streamlined travel experience, eliminating the stress of meticulous planning. 
  • Safety: Expert guides navigate unfamiliar territories, ensuring a safer travel experience, particularly valuable in remote locations. The companies behind the organised group tours are also there to provide support and assistance in case anything goes wrong. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: By leveraging group rates for bulk discounts on flights, hotels, and activities, group tours often present a more cost-effective option compared to independent travel, according to a 2020 report by the World Tourism Organization.
  • Social Connection: Meet like-minded travellers with similar interests, forge friendships, and share unforgettable experiences. Group tours foster an immediate sense of community, allowing solo travellers to forge connections and share experiences.
  • Local Knowledge: Experienced local guides accompany group tours, providing invaluable insights into the region’s history, culture, and hidden gems you might miss on your own.

Group Tours - The Cons

  • Limited Flexibility: Pre-planned itineraries can limit spontaneity and the ability to veer off the beaten path.
  • Personality Clashes: Differences in personalities, expectations, and travel styles within a group can lead to tensions.
  • Tourist Traps: Some tours prioritise well-known locations over authentic experiences. Make sure you do your research to find an experience that meets your expectations.
  • Limited Personalisation: Catering to a group means less opportunity to tailor activities to your specific interests.
  • Rushed experiences: With a fixed schedule, group tours may feel rushed at times, leaving little room for leisurely exploration or personal downtime.
  • Cultural disconnect: Large group sizes can create a barrier to authentic cultural immersion, as noted by travel writer Pico Iyer in his book “The Art of Stillness.” Additionally, travelling in a predetermined group often discourages you from branching out and interacting with other travellers or locals.
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What Sets DNA Group Trips Apart?

DNA isn’t your average group tour company. We understand the unique desires of remote workers and intrepid explorers – the yearning for connection, adventure, and the freedom to work from paradise.

So obviously we are a bit bias as we are a company that runs group tours and experiences. But most of our staff, as long term travellers and digital nomads, have experienced a mix of solo and group travel and so we are pretty well placed to tell you why group trips could be your next amazing adventure.

To that end, explore why DNA is a great choice for unique group experiences that you’ll love, whether your a seasoned traveller or just starting out.

Here’s what sets DNA apart:

  • Transformative Group Adventures for Digital Nomads: DNA ditches rigid itineraries and mass-market tourist traps. They focus on creating unique experiences, with plenty of downtime, that combine travel, retreats, and co-working spaces, allowing you to network, learn, and grow alongside fellow adventurers.
  • Focus on Professional Growth & Remote Work Optimisation: DNA goes beyond sightseeing. They offer educational workshops and seminars specifically designed for digital nomads. Learn new skills, stay relevant in your field, and optimise your remote work processes to thrive as a location-independent professional.
  • The Power of Community: DNA fosters a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Their tours are designed to connect you with fellow digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, fostering friendships, potential collaborations, and building a strong remote work community.
  • Balancing Work and Exploration: DNA understands that digital nomads crave adventure, but also need dedicated work time. Their itineraries combine co-working sessions with exciting activities, allowing you to explore new destinations, push your limits, and experience the thrill of travel, all while staying connected and productive.

DNA aims to help you to build your success as a digital nomad, not just expanding  your travel itinerary.

Whether you’re a long-term remote worker or just starting your location-independent journey, DNA provides the perfect platform to explore breath-taking destinations, build a supportive network, learn valuable skills, experience the magic of remote work taken global, and ultimately thrive as a digital nomad. 

digital nomads networking and coworking in thailand with wifi. coworking spaces thailand

Should I Join A Group Tour?

The decision to embark on a group tour hinges on your travel priorities and personal preferences. 

If you value convenience, cultural insights, and the camaraderie of fellow explorers, a well-curated group tour could be an enriching experience. 

However, if you crave unstructured spontaneity and a deeply immersive cultural connection, solo travel or smaller group excursions may better align with your desires.

If you are a long-term traveller and/or a location-independent worker, you might find that joining a group trip gives you an interesting change of pace from your ordinary life and travels, and may help to alleviate many of the disadvantages that accompany this lifestyle

Group travel isn’t for everyone, but for those who crave a balance between structure and exploration, companionship and cultural immersion, it can be an incredible experience.  There’s so much potential for unforgettable memories, shared laughs, and lifelong friendships.

For digital nomads and remote workers, joining group trips can completely change the way you work, helping you to discover new and effective strategies while building a strong network of friends and colleagues who understand the unique pressures of the travelling lifestyle.

Ready to delve deeper into the world of travel, but unsure where to start? Explore our blog and digital nomad guides, or feel free to get in touch!

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