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At DNA we believe that travel is not just about hopping from one destination to the next, ticking off landmarks and snapping cool pics for Instagram. Every journey has the potential to be life-changing, an opportunity to discover new things about yourself, expand your horizons, and push your boundaries. We want to facilitate that, helping you to realise your goals and dreams, and setting you on the path to achieving them.

That’s why all of our group tours include one of our exclusive level-up programmes that focus on key skills for success, personal growth, and professional development. Our level-up programmes are designed to complement the experiences of our tours, providing you with tools to unlock your full potential.

WHAT DO WE OFFER that could help you level up?

At DNA, we have focused our programmes on core values that are designed to help you grow. We want to build a supportive community, provide learning opportunities, encourage self-reflection, and offer mentorship and guidance. Our programmes include a range of themes touching on everything from redefining failures, to effective communication, to mindfulness and meditation, and more.

These are just a few of the many areas we cover in our level-up programmes, each carefully tailored to the specific needs and goals of our participants. Whether you’re after personal growth, professional development, or a deeper understanding of yourself, our level-up programmes will guide you on your journey.

Our level-up programmes are all about creating lasting change. We encourage active participation, hands-on experiences, and peer-to-peer learning, providing a supportive environment where you can learn from the experiences and insights of your fellow nomads.


Recharge Whilst Boosting Creativity & Motivation

Networking on Steroids & Real Connections

Firstly, the fact that you will be travelling with and creating deep connections with other nomads and entrepreneurs at light speed means your network of close friends and business allies could make a quantum leap in just over a week. 

When we travel together we connect extremely quickly, and people who you connect with are likely to be friends and allies for a long time.  Which is why we love group adventure travel.

If we burn ourselves out then we aren’t going to sustain the lifestyle we want so we all need to take a break from time to time. Take a break from the bring and let us deal with the details. Travel and surrounding yourself with other driven people are proven ways to boost creativity & motivation so with us, you can level up while you take a holiday. 


Learn From People Who Have Done it 

The say you become like the people you spend time with. So spend time with people who are where you want to be. 

Our trips are joined by people at all stages of their nomad or entrepreneurial career. So you can spend time with and learn from people with a range of experience. No matter where you are yourself, you could always use a mastermind group of your own. 

Our Level Up Programs 

Another element that makes this experience different to other group adventure tours are our Level Up Programs.

Our first level up program: the Success Blueprint consists of some of the key principles of success and happiness that have worked for us over the years. 

As we travel, we discuss them and ways we can practically and logically apply them to our personal and professional lives.

Beach Meeting


The programs are run by one of our amazing facilitators alongside our awesome travel itinerary (which will be run by one of our equally amazing local tour guides).They are designed to give us interesting discussion points throughout the trip and help us level up whilst enjoying life.

All of the material is based on tried and tested ideas and principles of happiness and success that have worked for us and people we know. The course comprises a mixture of group discussions, reading materials,  mastermind sessions, listening materials (like our favourite ted talks), and further reading.

This is not just shit we have made up. It is based on ideas and teachings from our favourite thinkers, speakers and authors who specialise in self development, personal and professional growth.

Combining the power of these ideas with the power of group travel, and the energy and experience of a new group of friends and allies will be life changing in many ways. 

When we say life changing, we mean it. This trip will not only be one of the most fun experiences of your life, it will improve your creativity, focus, motivation, confidence and mindset.

Afterwards you will be many steps closer to creating and living your dream life, and you will already be in paradise with a group of new friends and allies. 


What we offer



Come and Co-work / Co-live in Koh Phangan, Thailand alongside our Digital Nomad Community – our passes include activities & more!

Available ALL YEAR

Beach meets


The ultimate networking event in Koh Phangan, Thailand – this is a non-conference for growing your network in paradise. 

Next Event: 23rd August



Transformational group adventure tours for Aspiring and Established nomads & entrepreneurs. Travel South Thailand & Level Up. 

Next Trip: 9th August

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All your transport in country, all accommodation, loads of activities, some meals (check what’s included list), a group of new friends, a program of group growth sessions to help achieve your goals, a life changing travel experience like no other. 

International flights. You gotta get to the start destination yourself. Travel insurance. You 100% need this. 
Most food & drink. Make sure you budget enough to eat and drink at least. 

We keep group sizes relatively small in order to optimise the experience and make it more personal. You could be travelling with anywhere from 8 to 18 fellow nomads. 

A group of cool, like minded, free spirited entrepreneurs & remote professionals who also want to live the dream. We speak to every person to ensure their awesomeness and to make sure the trip is right for everyone on it.

This is primarily a group adventure tour with some team building, goal setting, masterminds and other group sessions built in. The sessions will not be long, intense or cheesy as they can be at some retreats. Co living/working are usually focused around one base destination with a few activities thrown in and lots of time to work. This trip covers several destinations and packs in loads of cool stuff to do in a relatively short period so you experience more and have the most fun possible!

Whilst we will try and make sure you have a couple of hours most days to get online and get stuff done. This is a travel experience so most of the time will be spent travelling, taking part in activities, or having fun with new friends. 

What you do after the trip is up to yo but if you dig the vibe in Koh Phangan or Canggu or any of our other destinations, we can help you get settled and integrated into the community of nomads. You can even book one of our Live, Work, Play flexible accommodation packages if you want to stay in a cool resort with co-working and stuff going on.

Just pick a country, pick a start date and get in touch with us. The first step is a discovery call with one of our founders so we can get to know each other a bit and make sure trip is right for you. 

After this we will send you a booking form and payment link so you can secure your spot.

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